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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Earlier this week, I learned that my membership in the EtsyBloggers group had been finalized. I applied for membership a while back and this email came at a perfect time. With my son leaving for school in only one short week now, I will have much more time to spend on this in the future.

As the name implies, members of this group are either buyers or sellers on Etsy and they have a blog. It’s all about promoting Etsy sellers and helping each other get noticed. To remain a part of this group, I will post two blog articles a month. One is a blog carnival article and the other will promote the Etsy seller of the month.

What is a blog carnival, you ask? I wondered that myself! Each month, there will be a total of four topics to choose from, two in the first half of the month and two in the last half. I’ll create a blog post about one of those four topics, then send the link to the host of the carnival, one host for the first two topics and one for the second two. The host will post links to all the articles on their two topics. I think this will be fun to read a variety of articles on the same topic, especially when the topic is one that really interests me. The topic I will write about, and I must write about soon since it’s the first half carnival for August, is how I’m preparing to get the kids back to school. Boy, can I write about that with all my preparations for sending my first (and only) child off to college! So stay tuned for that…

Take a look at the EtsyBloggers blog at EtsyBloggers.blogspot.com for interesting info. Also, EtsyBloggers.etsy.com has a list of members and various info about the team. For example, right now, many members are participating in the EtsyBloggers 3rd Anniversary sale. Please take a look at some of these great sellers and think about them when you do your next online shopping! And if you'd like more info on joining the group, check out EtsyBloggers.com.

P.S. Did you see my new EtsyBloggers widget on the left of my page?

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