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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My New Chiminea

My son’s last baseball tournament of the summer was in Stillwater, OK. My husband was not able to go to this tournament, so just Joe and I went. We played a game at OSU, then some games in various nearby locations, until we went back to OSU on Sunday for the quarterfinals and semifinals (where we lost).

We played a couple games in Guthrie. Guthrie was very memorable for a number of reasons. I saw some things on a baseball field that I had never seen before. The field opened up to the football field, so there was a goal post in deep, deep center field.Guthrie goal postThere was a hill in right field. Guthrie hill in right fieldI got to go visit my cousin and her two daughters in Edmond between games and have lunch with them. And I brought home a souvenir from our trip to Guthrie. All of these are reasons I will remember Guthrie.

To get to Guthrie, we drove along some country roads. On the way there, I noticed a little place along the side of the road that was selling Mexican pottery sorts of things. It really caught my attention and I thought about it some. On the way back to our hotel, I decided to stop and look around. Our wooden deck is badly in need of replacement. We’re going to start planning what to do with it after school starts and we have a little more time. I know we’ll do some sort of multi-level deck since we live on a fairly steep lot with a walk-out basement. When we redid our basement a couple years ago, we added a nice patio door, which right now goes to nowhere, but will go out onto the future lower level of our redone deck. So I’ve been kind of interested in chimineas whenever I see them, thinking that I will obviously be able to fit one into the future deck arrangement somehow.

There is a very cute shop in Omaha that has lot of Mexican pottery and art, right next door to my favorite junk shop. The chimineas always caught my eye there, as they did this last summer when we visited the shop. This place along the road in Oklahoma had the same sort of pottery, including some cute fish-shaped chimineas that I love.

So Joe and I stopped on the way back to the hotel. When the owner told me that everything was on sale, that made the shopping even better! I ended up buying this - I love it! My new chiminea - side view
My new chiminea - front view Fortunately, I had Joe with me to help get it into the back seat of my two-door car. We had lots of old baseball towels to use as padding around it. And it had a very uneventful ride back to Kansas City in my back seat.

When we plan the deck this fall, a seating area where my new chiminea will have a spot is definitely a requirement!

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