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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Purchases in St. Louis

Before we left to take my son to UMSL, I looked on Craigslist for things in the St. Louis area that I might be interested in. I found a couple ads that were several days old that I was interested in. When I contacted the sellers, I was surprised to hear that the items I was interested in were still available. I made arrangements to purchase and pick up the items on Saturday. We were able to fit in these stops while we were shopping for apartment furniture.

My first purchase was this jewelry display rack. I really like it! It swivels around on the base and will hold quite a few bracelets or necklaces. Or maybe even Christmas ornaments.Six of the metal holders on each side will hold a lot!
Jewelry display rack
And I'm always on the lookout for vintage Christmas ornaments for my wreaths. I found an ad for ornaments for $10. What a deal!
My latest vintage ornaments
I got about 50 ornaments for $10! Only a few were solid colored balls. Most of them were the multi-colored or different shaped ones that I really want to find. Some of them were unlike any I have purchased in the past. Here are some of the different ones.
Two bell ornaments
Vintage blue ornament
Vintage ornament - different shapeWhile we ended up being much busier in St. Louis than I had planned on, since we had to look for more furniture than I had planned on, we were still able to fit in the trips to pick up my jewelry display and ornament purchases. It worked out well and I'm glad I checked out craigslist before we went to St. Louis!

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