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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Recent Find on Craigslist

I've been planning my Halloween decorations lately and looking everywhere for all the right accessories. I found this great silver caldelabra on Craigslist and picked it up last week one day. It's nicely tarnished and has a little bit of melted wax on it. Too bad it doesn't have more wax. I'm tryng to decide exactly what I will do to it, if anything. I saw an idea in a Halloween book where you drape Spanish moss over an old candelabra and then drip melted wax over the moss. This added a wonderfully old and creepy look to the candelabra. I'll have to think about it. Meanwhile, even if I do nothing to it, it's a wonderful Halloween decoration!Candelabra from Craigslist

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm in Another Etsy Treasury!

I just learned that my Earrings 2 to Honor Marilyn are featured in a lovely Etsy Treasury created by ohbabydotcom. Please go take a look at all these great items, getting us ready for October - Breast Cancer Awareness month! And a big thank you to ohbabydotcom for including me. I appreciate it!

I will donate $5 from the sale of these earrings to Susan G. Komen.

Etsy treasury

Monday, September 20, 2010

Vintage Jewelry Stand

Time has slipped away from me once again. And I was getting better at posting more often! My mom had cataract surgery a couple weeks ago on her first eye. Tomorrow is her surgery on the second eye. Taking her to appointments and various other things, as well as trying to get organized for Halloween, has made the time go by very quickly. And a lack of good topics to write about didn't help the situation either.

But over the weekend, I made three purchases from Craigslist. I really love all the stuff you can find on Craigslist! Late last week, I found some vintage ornaments at a very good price. I thought I was buying 3 boxes of 12 each for $5. When I went to pick them up Saturday, the seller had many more in a bag to include. I ended up paying her an extra $5 for those. When I got home and counted them, I discovered there were 81 ornaments in the bag, in addition to the 3 dozen in the boxes! Quite a few were smaller ones, which is great because I can always use smaller ornaments to fill in smaller spaces when finishing up a wreath.

The seller was located a little ways north of where I live, but very close to a newer shopping area called Zona Rosa. And in Zona Rosa is a Vintage Market shop, one that is open all the time, as opposed to the one closer to me that is only open one weekend a month. So, after I picked up my ornaments, I spent I don't know how long in this wonderful shop. I love both the Vintage Market stores! I made one purchase there...a vintage jewelry stand. It's about 12 inches tall and will be great for displaying necklaces or bracelets. Vintage jewelry stand
Stay tuned later this week for details of my other Craigslist purchases and my first completed Halloween project of the year!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life Remains Busy!

Well, it's almost a week since my last blog post. I seem to have ups and downs of being good and not so good at consistent posting. Right when I think I'm on a roll, something changes. Even with Joe off at college, life remains busy. Over the Labor Day weekend, the weather here in the Kansas City area was gorgeous. My husband and I spent a lot of Saturday and Sunday working outside, trying to make up for a summer of totally neglecting the yard and plants and landscaping since we were never home. We replanted a lot of the ground cover on one side of our house that had become overgrown. My body has finally gotten over being sore from that! And I did buy some corn stalks, hay bales, mums and pansies for my fall decorating.

Sunday night, Joe came home from college for less than 24 hours. His roommate lives on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Joe went home with him for two days and had a great time tubing. We were glad to have time with him Sunday night and Monday.
Joe and me on Labor Day
Then there was too much overtime at work this week. And today my mother had cataract surgery on her first eye. We didn't think it was going to work out to do the surgery this week, but last night I found out it would. It's very good to have that out of the way. Tomorrow morning I'll take her for her follow up doctor's appointment.

It was a short week at work, but nevertheless, a very busy week overall! I'm ready for my weekend tomorrow! And hopefully I'll get caught back up on my blog posting, beading and all the other things I love to do!

Next big projects are new Halloween costumes for the Halloween party and the family calendar, which I have gotten a bit of a start on. Stay tuned for progress...

Friday, September 3, 2010

More Christmas Ornaments

Here are more Christmas ornaments that I made toward the end of the summer. The ornament on the left is one that I made with a different variation of netting than what I had been doing. I wanted something different and the ornament on the left is what I ended up with. Two white ornaments with red and green beads
I always mark the projects and techniques that I want to try someday in my bead magazines. I had some of my magazines with me on one of our baseball trips this summer, as well as some ornaments and beads. I saw an article in the February 2010 Bead & Button magazine on Chevron Chains. I had never done this but it looked like a stitch that could be suited to round Christmas ornaments. I started the ornament on the right on one of our trips, I think maybe the one to Omaha, then finished it after I got home. I like the way it turned out. I hope I have time to make more ornaments similar to this one. The combinations of beads, colors and the ways you can do this stitch are endless! Chevron Chain was a fun stitch to do. I'll need to try it in a necklace someday!

I decided to try this next ornament because when I made so many beaded netting ornaments, I realized I really liked the way the bottom of the ornaments looked! It seemed too pretty to always have on the bottom side of an ornament. Here's a picture of the bottom of one of my ornaments.
Bottom of ornament made using beaded nettingI made two circles of netting then figured out how to attach them at the sides and bottom to make this ornament. I think it kind of looks like clear snowflakes on the sides of this ornament. Snowflake ornament

Soon I need to list all my ornaments on
Etsy. It will be that time again before we know it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Jewelry Display - Shutters

I'm always looking for new ways to display my jewelry. Not that I have too many opportunities to do so yet, other than my annual open house, but I need to be prepared! Some time ago, I thought that hanging earrings on the slats of shutters would be a good way to display a lot of earrings. And I could hang other hooks (like all the Christmas ornament hooks that are sometimes on my vintage ornaments) on the slats to hang bracelets, necklaces or Christmas ornaments, if I wanted to. So I started looking around for shutters. Like when I was at my favorite junk shop in Omaha.

Not long ago, I discovered a local shop online that I wanted to visit,
Vintage Market. There are two in town and the one closest to my house is only open the last Thursday through Sunday of the month. Sunday afternoon I made a trip there and I loved it! Different vendors sell their vintage items there. Most items were very reasonably priced. One of the types of things I was keeping my eye open for was jewelry display items. And then I saw them. These shutters. Old shutters for jewelry display
They were nicely painted white and in good shape, not too brand new looking but hardly beat up or anything. And then I saw the price tag - $12. I was more than willing to pay $12 for a pretty sizeable item that could provide a large display area. I thought the price was per shutter. And when I learned the price was for the PAIR of shutters, there was no doubt in my mind I would buy them. They're a little dusty, so they need some cleaning, but that's all they need. I'm looking forward to figuring out how to incorporate the shutters into my open house display in November. Of course, I'll have photos in November, if not sooner! Stay tuned...