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Monday, September 20, 2010

Vintage Jewelry Stand

Time has slipped away from me once again. And I was getting better at posting more often! My mom had cataract surgery a couple weeks ago on her first eye. Tomorrow is her surgery on the second eye. Taking her to appointments and various other things, as well as trying to get organized for Halloween, has made the time go by very quickly. And a lack of good topics to write about didn't help the situation either.

But over the weekend, I made three purchases from Craigslist. I really love all the stuff you can find on Craigslist! Late last week, I found some vintage ornaments at a very good price. I thought I was buying 3 boxes of 12 each for $5. When I went to pick them up Saturday, the seller had many more in a bag to include. I ended up paying her an extra $5 for those. When I got home and counted them, I discovered there were 81 ornaments in the bag, in addition to the 3 dozen in the boxes! Quite a few were smaller ones, which is great because I can always use smaller ornaments to fill in smaller spaces when finishing up a wreath.

The seller was located a little ways north of where I live, but very close to a newer shopping area called Zona Rosa. And in Zona Rosa is a Vintage Market shop, one that is open all the time, as opposed to the one closer to me that is only open one weekend a month. So, after I picked up my ornaments, I spent I don't know how long in this wonderful shop. I love both the Vintage Market stores! I made one purchase there...a vintage jewelry stand. It's about 12 inches tall and will be great for displaying necklaces or bracelets. Vintage jewelry stand
Stay tuned later this week for details of my other Craigslist purchases and my first completed Halloween project of the year!

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