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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Craft Answer

Here's the answer to yesterday's riddle. My newest creation.
Halloween candle
It's made from a piece of styrofoam in the center of PVC pipe. The styrofoam is carved out to hold a battery-operated tea light. Then the whole thing is covered with hot glue applied to look like melted wax. The plastic is glued to the top in three places to build up the height of the top and give it that uneven wavy look.

I started with a very small piece of pipe because I didn't really know how well it would turn out or how hard it would be to make. I'm ready to take on a larger one now! It really went pretty quickly. The only real problem was when I was trying to mend my styrofoam after I glued it into the pipe. I did not plan carefully where the glue might end up and hot glue dripped right on a couple fingers. I have a nice blister now, but I've been reminded to be more careful with my glue gun.

I want to make more candles glued to candle holders next. I found one candle holder a couple days ago at a thrift shop that I will paint black, but I want to find more of varying heights and sizes. I checked out some dollar stores today but no luck. Need to keep looking.

If you'd like to make your own Halloween candles, check out this two-part video on a great Halloween web site, How to Haunt your House.

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