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Monday, October 11, 2010

Vaseline Glass

I'm not a huge eBay person. I've bought a few things on eBay, all "buy it now" items. I got my pink Barbie shoes I use in my earrings on eBay. But yesterday I won my first item in an auction. I'm looking forward to receiving it. Here it is. (Once I receive it, I'll take my own photo of it. This was all I could get for now.) Vaseline glass vase
I first heard of Vaseline glass a couple weeks ago in an Etsy forum. It's glass that has a small amount of uranium in it and it glows in the dark under black light. I'd like to learn more about this uranium thing...my first thought was it doesn't sound safe. So I'll do some research since I'm curious. I just know the pictures I've seen of Vaseline glass look pretty cool. I thought it would be perfect for Halloween! I'm looking forward to the arrival of my new vase. I've never taken a picture under a black light, but I'll give it a try!

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