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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November Featured EtsyBlogger

The featured EtsyBlogger of the month for November (I barely made it!) is DevineDesignsJewelry. Please go check out Cindy’s Etsy shop here. These are my favorite earrings in her shop…I LOVE the colors!.
And go take a look at Cindy’s blog, www.devinedesignsjewelry.blogspot.com. Not only does she have some great photos of her jewelry in her blog, but she lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and has some great WARM-LOOKING photos of Florida. If you’re like me and live somewhere that’s cold right now, it’s fun just to look at her Florida photos! Thanks, Cindy, for sharing! (And making me feel warmer.)

And, last but not least, no one can ever have too many Facebook friends or pages they like. Cindy’s Facebook page has even more great photos and posts. You can see it all for yourself here.
Love your jewelry, Cindy! Keep up the great work!

Friday, November 26, 2010

My Finished Printer's Tray

Hi! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I look forward to Thanksgiving each year because my mom's family gets together every year. We had a smaller turnout this year (only 81 people) than the last two years (91 and 93 people), but there's always plenty of great food and lots of time to visit with my relatives that I don't get to see very often.

I didn't want to say too much about the printer's tray project I was working on (see earlier post) in case any family members read it. This project was for the gift exchange I do with my cousins on Thanksgiving. Now that Thanksgiving is past, I'll show pictures of my project. I made two of these trays, each with the same photos and embellishments, one for my gift exchange and one to keep for myself. Since I have been doing my family calendars for several years now, I have accumulated quite a few old family photos that I incorporated into the tray. I have a wedding photo of my grandparents, along with a photo from their 50th anniversary. I included photos of both sets of great-grandparents and their families, the last photo when my mom and her nine siblings were together before my Aunt Agnes passed away last year and a Thanksgiving photo of those of my 35 cousins who were present a couple years ago. Four generations of family photos is kind of fun to look at! And I have some photos of my grandparents' house, barn, granary and the outhouse that I can still remember.

Here's a photo of my finished tray. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. Whole photo tray
And here are some closeups of the various sections. Top left section of trayThe section above is the top left section. My grandma and grandpa are in the corner by the car. You can't see it, but the license plate on the car has the year "49" on it. Next to them is a photo of the farmhouse they lived in which burned down when I was in high school. The small ranch house they built in its place just was not quite the same. Next to the house photo is a picture of my grandpa with his parents and siblings. This section also includes the anniversary and wedding photos, along with individual photos of my grandparents when they were young.
Top right section of trayThe section above is the top right section. In the corner is my grandma, her parents and sisters. Below that is a photo of my cousins and me from a recent Thanksgiving. And below that is an earier photo of my grandpa and his siblings.
Bottom left section of trayThe bottom left section includes the last picture of my mom and all of her siblings from Thanksgiving 2008, another photo of my Grandpa, the granary and a section of the 1930 census record listing my grandparents, along with some of my aunts and uncles.
Bottom right section of trayThe bottom right section shows the barn and, last but not least, the old outhouse.

This was a fun project to work on. It's made me decide that I need to put all my photos in one place and do a family scrapbook. I've added this to my list of things to do in 2011! I'm just glad I paged through the Archiver's ad when I did and saw the trays and project ideas or I wouldn't have ended up with such a great gift for the gift exchange!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Etsy Treasury

My vintage ornament wreath is in another Etsy Treasury! I love the treasury name. The creator of this fun treasury says it's from a Wendy's jingle that was out last year. I guess I missed that one.

Please visit Shawnee's Etsy shop, MyFairLadee, and take a look at her new and vintage jewelry and headbands, along with other unique finds.

Thanks, Shawnee, for including my wreath in your lovely treasury!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Current Project

The November EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival topics are both about what inspires you. The choices of topics were

1) What item are you working on?? What is your inspiration for this piece??
2) What is always inspiring you for your shops, your works, or anything in your life??

I chose to answer the first question - what I'm working on and what my inspiration is.

My new project started when I was looking through an Archiver's ad that I got in the mail. I saw these great little printer trays, with lots of examples of photo displays that could be made using them. I then moved on to the Archiver's web site to look at the trays. Check it out here. And then take a look at their pages and pages of finished projects here. How can you not want one of these for your very own?

So I went to Archiver's and bought a tray. Since Halloween, I have been focused on nothing but my family calendar, trying to get it finished up before Thanksgiving. (I took it to the printer this evening. I recently learned of another new baby to include, bringing my total family members up to 173. I have 171 of those 173 people on the calendar!) With family on the mind, I decided to make a family themed tray.

Yesterday, on the way home from work, I stopped by Archiver's to find papers and embellishments that I could use in my tray. Last night, I started going through photos, trying to decide which ones I would use and what spot I would put them in. As I made decisions, I put a little slip of paper containing a description of the photo or embellishment in the compartment so I wouldn't forget what would go where. Since this post is about my current project and my current project isn't too far along yet, unfortunately the only photo I have of my work in progress is this one. Doesn't look like much yet, but I will post the finished project soon.Photo tray
As for the inspiration for the project...My initial inspiration came from the Archiver's ad and all the great examples I looked at online. But my real inspiration is my family. The fact that I've been working on my calendar a lot lately and that I will get to see my aunts, uncles and cousins at Thanksgiving kept my family in the front of my mind. It was not difficult to decide the theme for my tray once I decided I wanted to make one.

Check back soon to see my completed project!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Third Annual Mini Holiday Mart Open House

This afternoon I held another fun and successful holiday open house. My third one. This year Jana participated, who makes lovely soldered pendants and ornaments and glass pendants and earrings. This is Jana's third year to participate in my open house and every year, the work she brings with her is more lovely than the year before!
Jana's beautiful jewelry
My cousin Julie has been making fleece hats, along with some little ponchos and mittens, like crazy! All the pretty colors and patterns of fleece she uses made for a very pretty display. Julie's colorful fleece
Katie sold her pretty Christmas ornament wreaths and glass block Christmas decorations. With the bright lights in the glass blocks, it was hard to get a good focused photo.Katie's wreaths and glass block decorations
And I was selling my beaded jewelry and Christmas ornaments. My main jewelry displayMy earring shutters display

Since I hold this in my basement, I don't want to open it up to the public, but all the sellers who participate invite their friends and acquaintances. I'm not too big into Christmas in early November since I don't like to totally lose Thanksgiving, but today is the one day that I put out Christmas decorations and play holiday music to get into the Christmas shopping spirit. And I must say that doing this does help me get more into the Christmas mood each year. We have refreshments and plenty of time to visit with friends. And each vendor donates a door prize for a drawing that we hold at the end of the event.

It's a fun way to see what other people make, to socialize and to get into the Christmas spirit. I'd love to find a bigger place to hold this, invite more vendors, open it up to the public...Gotta start thinking about 2011!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Vintage Ornament Wreaths are in Two Etsy Treasuries!

I recently learned that my ornament wreaths were selected to appear in two Etsy treasuries.

This first one was created by FridaAndMarilyn. This Etsy shop sells great jewelry. Please go take a look!

Etsy treasury
And the second treasury was created by Susanna at unabellavita where she sells very cute aprons.

Etsy treasuryPlease check out each of these nice shops who chose my wreaths to be in their treasuries! Thank you to both of you for including me!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Family Calendar

Wow. It's been a long time since my last post. I've been kind of busy. After my Halloween party, which kept me busy for the entire month of October, it was time to get my annual family calendar finished. I had started it, but still had quite a bit of work left on it. Every year, I create a calendar with all family birthdays on it to distribute at our Thanksgiving gathering. Since Halloween, I have spent every spare minute I have on my calendar, usually staying up much too late. Here are some pictures from my 2009 calendar.

I just realized that I never posted any pictures from my 2010 calendar last year. Last year was a big change for my calendar. I started creating my pages using digital scrapbooking elements and had a great time making it.

2010 calendar coverHere is my 2010 cover, in honor of my aunt Agnes who passed away last September.

2010 calendar page

And here is my very favorite page from inside the calendar, my Grandma and Grandpa's wedding picture.

This year, I may have undertaken a little too much. One year, I included a family photo or multiple photos of a family to include everyone in calendar pictures. This year, I heard that people wanted to see pictures of everyone on the calendar again so I decided to include everyone in an individual photo on the page facing their birthday month. While this doesn't sound too bad, when you take into account that there are approximately 170 people in my family, it becomes a rather daunting task. My mom is one of ten kids and I have 35 cousins. Many of those cousins have grandkids, which adds up to 172 people, at last count. As of now, I have 153 of them on the calendar. Not bad! I'm trying to round up the last remaining photos by this weekend so I can take it to the printer the next week.

Here are a couple of my finished pages from my 2011 calendar.
2011 October calendar page
2011 December calendar page