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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Family Calendar

Wow. It's been a long time since my last post. I've been kind of busy. After my Halloween party, which kept me busy for the entire month of October, it was time to get my annual family calendar finished. I had started it, but still had quite a bit of work left on it. Every year, I create a calendar with all family birthdays on it to distribute at our Thanksgiving gathering. Since Halloween, I have spent every spare minute I have on my calendar, usually staying up much too late. Here are some pictures from my 2009 calendar.

I just realized that I never posted any pictures from my 2010 calendar last year. Last year was a big change for my calendar. I started creating my pages using digital scrapbooking elements and had a great time making it.

2010 calendar coverHere is my 2010 cover, in honor of my aunt Agnes who passed away last September.

2010 calendar page

And here is my very favorite page from inside the calendar, my Grandma and Grandpa's wedding picture.

This year, I may have undertaken a little too much. One year, I included a family photo or multiple photos of a family to include everyone in calendar pictures. This year, I heard that people wanted to see pictures of everyone on the calendar again so I decided to include everyone in an individual photo on the page facing their birthday month. While this doesn't sound too bad, when you take into account that there are approximately 170 people in my family, it becomes a rather daunting task. My mom is one of ten kids and I have 35 cousins. Many of those cousins have grandkids, which adds up to 172 people, at last count. As of now, I have 153 of them on the calendar. Not bad! I'm trying to round up the last remaining photos by this weekend so I can take it to the printer the next week.

Here are a couple of my finished pages from my 2011 calendar.
2011 October calendar page
2011 December calendar page

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