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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Pillows

I saw this tutorial for cute Christmas pillows at tatertots & jello and had to make some! It was during the time when practically every craft I saw appealed to me and I just HAD to make something! So I made a pillow for myself and a few as Christmas gifts.

Here is a picture of the pillow in the tutorial. Pillow in tutorial
In the tutorial, the ornament is painted onto the fabric. I decided I wanted to sew my pillows. I found some great Christmas fabric at JoAnn - lime green, red and white. And a nice bright red solid fabric that went well with it. I used a 14-inch pillow form and found a plate to trace around that was just the right size for the Christmas ball. So I made this pillow and realized that once the rick rack was on, it just seemed a little too busy for me. This is my pillow.My pillow
After finishing my pillow, I decided to swap the fabrics I was using for the front and back. I moved the solid lime I had chosen for the back to the front of the pillow and used the print on the back. I like this version better. I made some pillows with green ribbon with little white dots and other pillows with red and white striped ribbon. I like the way they turned out once I switched the front and back fabric, and I got to do some sewing, which apparently I was craving.
Pillow with green ribbonPillow with red ribbon
Thanks to tatertots & jello for the cute pillow ideas!

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  1. Your pillows turned out so cute!! I love the fabrics and colors that you used. So darling!