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Monday, December 13, 2010

Custom Mother's Bracelet

Last year, I had a custom order for a two-strand mother's bracelet. There is a photo of that bracelet in this blog post, along with an adorable photo of the two little girls named in the bracelet. Several days ago, I heard from the mom who ordered that bracelet. She wanted a one-strand bracelet for her mother, a grandmother's bracelet. Last year, my buyer wasn't sure if she wanted a one- or two-strand bracelet, so I designed one of each and let her take a look at photos before she made up her mind. So this year, when she wanted the single strand bracelet, all I had to do was show her the old photo and that was what she wanted.

Here's my newest version of the Kasey-Mia bracelet. I sent it out on Saturday, so hopefully it will be arriving soon!
Custom Grandmother's Bracelet
Please see my Etsy shop listing if you are interested in your own custom mother's or grandmother's bracelet. The very first one I made was for myself and that was back when Joe was Joey. It's one of my very favorite pieces of jewelry and I love it!My bracelet

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