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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Update on Yesterday's Bracelet

I selected what I would wear to work today based on what I could wear my new red bracelet with, the bracelet in yesterday's blog post. I was all dressed and putting on my jewelry and one half of the clasp broke off my bracelet.
Bracelet with broken clasp

If you want to make a wire crochet bracelet, my advice to you is don't use 28 gauge wire. For as long as this clasp lasted on the bracelet, I'd say that 28 gauge wire is not strong enough. The article also mentioned that you could use 26 gauge wire. That will be what I try next time. For now, I'll just need to find a small piece of some larger gauge wire so I can reattach my clasp to my bracelet. And reinforce the other end, also.

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