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Saturday, February 5, 2011

February EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival - Winter!

The topic I chose to write about this month for the EtsyBloggers blog carnival is this:
"We are also in the middle of winter! Write something about you/your family's winter experiences."

In 2009, it started snowing in the Kansas City area on Christmas Eve and we didn't see the grass in our yard for weeks. It was the longest time we had snow on the ground in many years. This year, the snow didn't get started quite as early. It's snowed a couple times throughout the winter season this year, but this last time seemed like it wanted to make up for all those non-snowy days all at once! We were part of the February 2011 blizzard.

The company I work for is located in four different suites within one office building. Twice this year, I was the only person who showed up for work in my suite due to the snow. Everyone else was working from home. But with the four wheel drive truck we have, I was able to make it into work pretty easily. But last week, with all the blizzard warnings being spread by the media, I didn't even try to go in to work for two days. I, too, worked from home and it was very nice to be able to do so! We had maybe a foot of snow last week, but it was kind of hard to tell how much snow really fell. When the snow blows sideways all day, it's hard to know how much actually fell vertically! We were really pretty lucky. There were other areas that had much more ice. (I'd much rather have snow than ice!) And central Missouri had about twice as much snow as we did, as did parts of Oklahoma. So while we had a lot of snow, it could have been worse.

Here are some pictures I took of the snow piled next to our driveway. Snow from the February 2011 blizzard
February 2011 snow
February 2011 snow
The good news is that the streets and highways have been clear and easy to navigate for days now. And today I went to wash my car. It looks much better so that's kind of a cheery thing. And even surrounded by snow, there are some pretty sights to be seen when you are lucky. We have a creek behind our backyard and there is a small park on the other side of the creek. This evening, we saw 6 deer by the creek. I took some pictures, but then the dogs next door started barking and the deer ran away. But it was fun to watch these pretty creatures for the short time they were nearby! I'm glad my husband spotted them and called me to go see them! Deer in the backyard

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