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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Catching Up...

I'm still getting caught up after being out of town for a long weekend. Last Thursday afternoon we drove to St. Charles, Missouri, which is just outside of St. Louis. It’s a cute little historic town right on the Missouri River. The old buildings along the river are now shops and restaurants.
Bittersweet Inn We spent three nights at a wonderful bed and breakfast called the Bittersweet Inn (above). Our hostess, Sandy, made us feel like guests. And did she ever feed us well! When she learned I had just had a birthday, she even made me a birthday cake! Take a look at photos of the Bittersweet Inn here and visit the web site here.

I wanted to go to have a birthday dinner with my son since I hadn’t seen him since the Christmas break ended. And his baseball team had double headers scheduled for Saturday and Sunday so we wanted to take in the games. Although temperatures in the 40’s were predicted, I was still looking forward to it. We arrived Thursday evening and got to have a casual dinner with Joe.

Friday morning it started snowing, but didn’t really last too long, so we decided to go to town and look at the shops. We were practically the only visitors in town that day – had the stores all to ourselves. After a while, little misty rain started falling. We picked up the pace of our shopping, had lunch and decided to look for something to do indoors. But before we left, I took a picture of this cute Easter wreath made of Peeps candy. I think I’m going to have to make something similar! Easter Peeps wreath
I saw in one of my bead magazines that there was to be a bead show in St. Charles Friday through Sunday, so my husband even said he would go to that with me. Well, we found the place it was to be held only to learn it had been cancelled due to a shortage of vendors. So to fill the remainder of the afternoon, we spent a couple hours in the casino. I don’t go to casinos very often at all, but it was something to do inside. We each spent our $10 on the slot machines then headed back to the B&B. We had a very nice dinner with Joe Friday night at a restaurant called Soulard’s.

When we first got to town, Joe told us the Saturday games had been moved to Monday because of the weather. It started snowing lightly around mid-day Saturday, but we decided to go visit the Arch anyway. It was coming down pretty good by the time we got there. When we first got to the top of the Arch, I couldn’t tell what direction I was facing since everything looked white. But if you waited a bit, waves of snow came and went and at good times, you could see the opposite bank of the Mississippi River. Not the best day for sightseeing from the top of the Arch, but how many people can say they’ve been to the top in a snowstorm? As we walked back to the car after our Arch visit, I snapped this picture of the Arch from the side.
St. Louis Arch in the snow
We’re big hockey fans so Saturday night we got tickets to the NCAA Division I men’s regional hockey final and watched Michigan beat Colorado College 2-1. I’d seen a lot of levels of hockey from little kids (Joe played for three years starting in 3rd grade) to NHL, but I’d never seen a college game. So now I have. Saturday didn’t go quite as we had hoped, since we thought we’d be going to baseball games, but we probably got to visit with Joe more this way. And I know we stayed warmer than we would have at baseball games!

And of course, with 3 inches of snow on the ground, the Sunday baseball games were cancelled, too. We headed home fairly early on Sunday, only to encounter snow when we were about 40 miles from home. Here’s what my yard looked like on Monday morning.
Snow at our house Monday morning
The weekend didn’t exactly go as I had thought it would, but we learned a long time ago that spring baseball means you need to learn to be flexible. We got to visit with Joe quite a bit and that was what I wanted most from my trip anyway!

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