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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crazy Quilt Pillow

Making a crazy quilt pillow had not been on my huge list of things to do someday. It kind of just happened.

I suppose it started with the tulip pillow. My friend with the February birthday, for whom I made the tulip pillow, told me her daughter loved the tulip pillow and all the details of it. I had been trying to find out what the daughter, Lorrain, might like for her 17th birthday in March. When her mom told me she had to pry the tulip pillow away from Lorrain, I decided I would make Lorrain a pillow. And if she liked detail, then detail she would get!

I paged through some of my quilting books to see if anything jumped out at me because her mom told me there was no particular subject or "thing" on a pillow that Lorrain would really like. And then I paged past crazy quilts. What a great idea for someone who likes detail! And not long ago, I had been trying to figure out what I could make that would work on using up some of my fabric scraps since my current collection of scraps takes up a little too much space. So I decided Lorrain would get a crazy quilt pillow.

I looked online for sites that would give me ideas, inspiration and instruction. I found a few to get me started. And then I found the wonderful book at Borders (last book in yesterday's post). I found a great deal on pillow forms online at JoAnn's, much better than the price in the stores, even with a coupon. So the project quickly took on a life of its own!

I decided on a 14-inch square pillow. So I decided on four 6X6-inch blocks with a 1-inch border around them. Here are a couple of my finished blocks.
crazy quilt patch #1
Crazy quilt patch #2
Here is a photo of the four blocks sewn together.Four blocks sewn together

My wonderful book, in yesterday's blog post, had tons of embellishment ideas in addition to the 100 embroidery stitches. I added the spider and web because these were very common elements on crazy quilts in the past. The Victorians considered spider webs to be symbols of good luck. I had a book on silk ribbon embroidery and lots of leftover ribbon from the time I embellished a denim shirt. (I gave the shirt to the school clothesline sale after I lost 30 pounds and the shirt was too big. Guess I'm going to need to make another someday. I really liked that shirt.) I used up bits of ribbon and lace that I had. I used buttons (too many of those left over also) and beads and made a ribbon flower I'd always wanted to try. It was a lot of fun making this pillow!

Here's a photo of the left half of the finished pillow.Left half of finished pillow71954842464882
Here's the right half.Right half of finished pillow
And here is the finished pillow.Completed crazy quilt pillow
I liked the way this pillow turned out a lot. I now have three blocks pieced for my own pillow. I haven't started to embellish yet. That will come next. And I learned a lot about the order in which I should embellish that should actually make my pillow a little easier to work on than Lorrain's.

Tomorrow is my day off work so I plan to spend some time working on my pillow. Hopefully it will be done fairly soon. I will share the details of my pillow with you when it's finished. Please check back soon!


  1. Oh that is just gorgeous! I've never seen a quilt done like that - I love the different angles of the joins and the embellishments!

    I would love if you came over and linked this project to my weekly Round Tuit party at:
    Have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Thank you for the nice comments, Jill! I added my other pillow post to your site - number 105. Love looking at all the links there!