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Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Closet Storage

Not too long ago, I had this silly idea that I wanted to make some kind of purse. Maybe for myself or maybe for gifts. You know, some sort of Vera Bradley-type bag. So I started looking for some books to help me with that. I checked this book out of the library and didn’t really like any of the bags in the book.Sew What! Bags They were mostly drawstring bags or tote bags or messenger bags. (I have since come to my senses and realized that I have plenty of other projects to do without making bags or purses right now.) But there were some other things besides bags that caught my eye. There were three things I liked.
1. Little fabric covers for purse-sized Kleenex. (Great way to use up fabric scraps!)
2. A variation on the drawstring bag was a wine bottle gift bag. I liked that idea a lot.
3. A hanging caddy you could customize to any size you want with three pocket styles to store anything you need to store.

I’ve always wanted a little more storage space in my craft room, so I decided I would make a pair of these hanging caddies to get some extra “stuff” off my closet shelves and create a little more storage space.

Friday was my day off work, so I made a trip to JoAnn’s to look for fabric. I found some great solid fabric, a little heavier weight, which was what I wanted for the body of the caddy, in bright pink and lime green. There was a great collection of fabric called “tutti frutti” in some great bright colored prints that went so well with these solids I found. So I bought the fabric Friday and this became my weekend project.

I decided on the size of my caddies, picked out stuff I wanted to store, decided what style (pleated or flat) and size of pockets I needed and drew it all out on graph paper so I could determine what size pocket pieces to cut out. Yesterday I finished pink caddy number one and today I finished green caddy number two. At the top of number two, I added a pink fabric strip with snaps on either end to store rolls of ribbon. We'll see how that goes. It seemed like it would work when I was playing around with it when the caddy was lying flat. My husband helped me hang the caddies inside my closet double doors this afternoon and I’ve started to reorganize my storage.

Here are some photos of my new caddies. Sewing them was lots of fun and never boring because I loved looking at the bright and cheery prints. I just love the colors! If you need some bright cute fabric, go to JoAnn’s and look for tutti frutti!Pink caddy number one
Green caddy number 2
Pink pocket closeup
Green pocket closeup

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