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Monday, April 4, 2011

Peeps Easter Wreath...Completed

It was kind of late last night when I applied my last coat of sealer on my wreath. All I had left to do was let the sealer dry and attach my bow (which I made last night). So I didn't have much to do to finish my wreath tonight. Here is my finished wreath.Finished Peeps Easter wreath
I was going to list it on Etsy but I was going to price it at maybe $10 or so, since it's really kind of an experiment. When I started researching mailing prices, I determined that it would almost cost as much to mail it as for the price of the wreath itself, once I also added in the cost of shipping materials. So no wreath on Etsy this year. Maybe if I start earlier next year, I can figure out a less expensive way to mail this.

But at least my wreath is completed! I'll probably make a couple more this week. And then I'll have to keep an eye on how it holds up until next year. If I do decide to sell them next year, at least I'll know whether it is at least a 2-year wreath!

I've added my wreath to Tip Junkie's Tip Me Tuesday. Take a look at all the great projects.

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