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Saturday, May 21, 2011

May Featured EtsyBlogger - NanjoDogz

The featured EtsyBlogger for May is Nancy, whose shop, NanjoDogz, sells beautiful polymer clay beads that look like various dog breeds. I don’t know how many different breeds she sells, but there are a LOT. And they all really look like that breed! I have no idea how she does this…If I tried to make a bead that was supposed to look like a dog, every bead would look the same and would resemble no known breed. It would look like a kindergartner made it. But these beads are great!

My favorite was one I found in the sold items, a golden retriever. Since I used to have two golden retrievers and I happen to believe that they are the greatest breed on earth (just my personal opinion, however), this is the bead I must show you. But all the other beads are very nice and characteristic of the breed, too! If you’re a dog lover or need to buy for a dog lover, you must go take a look at her Etsy shop!

Nancy has a blog also – nanjodogz.blogspot.com. In it, she features her lovely work. I especially like looking at her custom beads she has made from dog photos. Here is an Australian Shepard she made.
Custom Australian Shepard bead
And here is a Jack Russell Terrier.
Custom Jack Russell Terrier Bead
I think these beads are just amazing! Keep up the great work, Nancy!

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