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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crystal Elements Class

Time to show you what I made in my other class I took at the Bead & Button Show. I took a class called Crystal Elements taught by Leslee Frumin. We learned how to make beaded beads, squares and trianges made of Swarovski crystals and seed beads using beaded netting. I loved this class! I could make these various elements forever! They are fun to make, relatively easy and beautiful when they are completed. Take a look at Leslee's web site here. If you go to the bead work gallery link, the class I took was the first Crystal Elements. She had samples from all three Crystal Elements classes, as well as the Crystal Lace class. I wish I could have taken all of the classes. The finished items were all beautiful!

Leslee was very well organized. It was fun to take her class. I got to pick the color of my kit in advance by email and I chose Ocean Wave, an assortment of beautiful blue shades with silver seed beads. Here is what I made in my 3-hour class.

First I made this beaded bead made of 6mm, 4mm and 3mm bicone crystals with size 11 and 15 seed beads. It's a little more elongated. We were also provided instructions for a similar bead that is a little more round. I have not made one of those yet.
Beaded bead

The other item I made during class was this open triangle which is composed of 4mm and 3mm bicone crystals along with size 15 seed beads. Crystal triangle

Our class materials included a very nice instruction book that included items other than what we actually completed in class. There were instructions for a square which was very similar to the triangle. We also got instructions for incuding an 18mm crystal rivoli in either the square or the triangle. I bought a couple of kits and rivolis and made this square with rivoli outside of class but before I came home from my trip. Here are photos of both the front and the back of the square. Front of the square
Back of the square
I made one more triangle since I got home which I haven't photographed yet. My friend Carolyn and I went to three different bead stores while we were out of town since we didn't actually attend the Bead & Button sale itelf. I was always looking for various size crystals and bought quite a few, so I will be making more of these crystal items soon!

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