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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Finished Baby Afghan

Before I went out of town, I finished my crocheted baby afghan and got it sent off to the the new parents. I had some yarn left over and this was a fun and easy pattern to crochet so I bought the additional yarn I needed and decided to make a second one in the same colors. I could work on it while on my trip and have a baby gift on hand for the next time I need one.

My earlier post showed some beginning photos of the afghan, along with a link to the free pattern online. Here are photos of my finished afghan.

When I first finished the crocheting, I liked the way it looked and wondered if I really wanted or needed to weave in the additional yarn and make the tassels. But what I had was pretty stretchy and didn't hold its shape at all.Finished afghan before weaving in yarn
And here's what it looked like up close. Closeup of afghan before weaving
So I decided to go ahead with the weaving and do it like the pattern. Besides, I had plenty of yarn left anyway so I figured I might as well use it. You weave three strands of yard in and out between the rows. The ends of the yarn become part of the tassels. The instructions were rather unclear but I finally figured out what they wanted me to do. Here's what it looked like after I began the weaving. I used a big eye needle and did my weaving using that. Start of weaving in yarn
I was glad I went ahead and did the weaving. I did like the way the finished afghan looked much better after the strands of yarn were woven in. Closeup of afchan after weaving in yarn
And here is the finished afghan. Finished baby afghan
I got quite a bit finished on afghan number 2 while away. I finished four of the solid color stripes (10 rows each) and just started on my fifth solid color wide stripe. And I haven't crocheted a stitch since I've been home. So much to do, so little time...But I will get it done eventually!

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