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Monday, October 31, 2011

EtsyBloggers October Blog Carnival - Halloween

The blog carnival topic I chose to write about this month is

 What are your plans for Halloween? Have you made anything in your shop with Halloween colors/theme? Show it to us.

I must say that although I had ideas for Halloween items for my shop, I did not make anything for Halloween this year. But I did have plans for Halloween this year, as well as the previous two years.

I hosted my third annual Halloween party on Saturday. My life usually becomes consumed with Halloween for the months of September and October. I would love to get to the point where I was preparing for Halloween throughout the year instead of fitting it all into two months, but I am not quite there yet.

This year, we had a haunted wedding reception. I had costumes, decorations and food to make. It was a fun theme because I could start with a normal party idea (i.e. wedding reception) and make it kind of creepy.  Our guests really seemed to get into the theme and most came dressed for the occasion since I suggested that appropriate wedding attire (i.e. costumes) was recommended but not mandatory and that there would be a prize going to the best dressed and creepiest guests.  My colors for the party were black, silver or gray, and blood red. I started with normal wedding things and changed the colors to fit the theme. For example, I got some of those honeycomb white paper bells and spray painted some black on them to make them fit in. My costume (the bride) was silver and dark red, trimmed in black. My husband’s costume (the groom) was gray and dark red. Here is a picture of us in our costumes.
I made a new wreath for the party. It was white marabou accented with black flowers.
And I made my first tiered cake. Between Martha Stewart’s web site and CakeCentral.com, I found lots of great photos and recipes. My cake had a bottom layer of chocolate, middle of red velvet and the top layer was a delicious white velvet recipe.
My husband decided to build this endless mausoleum after seeing it in one of my How to Haunt your House books. It turned out great! It’s in our dining room and it’s too bad it can’t stay on display for a longer time of the year because it is really cool!
So those were my Halloween plans. I’ll try to do a post on my flying bats (one of my favorite new decorations) soon. What did YOU do for Halloween? I’d love to hear!

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