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Monday, October 17, 2011

My Craft Room is in a Magazine Article!

I’ve been in blogger retirement for too long. Time to change that. And today is a great day to change it. I’m very excited…My craft room was part of a magazine article! Of course, it’s a German magazine and I can only come close to knowing what it says using Google translator. But that’s just a small detail. It’s still pretty exciting to see a photo of my room in print!

When my craft room was newly built, I posted some photos of it on Flickr. I don’t use Flickr too much anymore but this summer I added some photos. I discovered a message which fortunately was not very old. It was from someone working on an article for the German Hello Kitty magazine. They were going to show photos of craft rooms and she found mine on Flickr. I wasn’t positive that mine would be used, but she took my address and said she would send me a copy of the magazine in October.

Well, today my magazine arrived and there was my craft room! That really made my day. Probably my entire week!

Here’s a picture of the two-page spread.
Hello Kitty craft room article
And here’s a close-up of my craft room, the photo in the upper right corner. My craft room in Hello Kitty article
And tomorrow I will get back into blogging. I’ll give a brief update on what I’ve been doing for the last three and a half months. I can’t believe it’s been that long. But I’m back now. Talk to you tomorrow.

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